BlackDice Retina

Real Time Network Insight

Problem resolution is a key cost driver for Operators. The BlackDice Retina solution provides real-time data to uncover problems, reduce time to serve and protect subscribers.
Retina is a cloud insight platform searching for signals and patterns in network data and usage, powering decision making for customer management, marketing and product innovation. Dashboards to display key data at the point it’s needed and automated machine learning, correlating data and analytics, giving new and novel intelligence into the cyber threat landscape, network and device vulnerabilities, privacy and device behaviour anomalies.

Seeing is believing

Insight into the network edge is no longer a mystery.

Traditionally support has stopped at the gateway, how many times has turn it off and back on again been a solution to problems? Imagine having insight into what is actually happening? A device going rogue affecting network speeds, a new smart home bulb increasing traffic flows, malicious apps or websites building attacks. Retina can provide these insights and help you support your customers in a way that builds trust, reduces inbound call times and actually solves problems.

It's about information not data

BlackDice Retina can provide dashboards to operator customers to release data insights and help with decision making. Not just identifying issues but also trends across the network and subscriber base, enabling future product decisions and increasing operational effectiveness.

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