Blackdice Quantum

Enterprise Grade, machine Learning enabled cyber defences.

Any network, any device anywhere

Leading Edge Cybersecurity Solution for Network Operators

Quantum protects every device on the network using data driven behaviour analytics alongside predictive, machine learning, attack mitigation. Quantum 24*7 monitoring gives operator subscribers peace of mind and builds trust. Quantum creates long-term revenue generating opportunities, reducing time to serve and saving money.

The router is no longer a cost. It’s an opportunity to connect with customers, build trust and generate revenue

Network operators can use Quantum to leverage the router’s resources and protect those devices that were, up until now, out of reach. We help our customers reach beyond the termination point, into networks and devices to keep them safe and build trust

There is no better way to compete; price is no longer a barrier. It’s how you keep customers safe that differentiates

All of this deployed over the air to existing and new customers hardware. Removing the need for customers to install custom software and rapidly increasing adoption

Quantum is a comprehensive risk mitigation solution for network operators.

Malicious URL's

Customer security starts with keeping browsing safe. Our filtering technology ingests nearly 1 billion URL’s, categorising these to ensure that browsing is kept as safe as possible. Add safe search to this and you can be sure that we do everything we can to make the internet a safe place.

IP Reputation

Attacks tend to build over time, and IP addresses are the first point of entry. Our intelligence monitors IP’s that have dubious origins or strange meta data associated with them. These indicators surface IP addresses that have been compromised or are likely to be involved in attacks in the future. Protecting customers early is really important and our reputation services are a crucial step.

Phishing Attacks

Our threat intelligence is constantly updated with new information about attacks and social engineering. This intelligence is correlated and passed onto our customers to ensure subscribers have the most up to date information and protection

Attack Landscape

Any form of attack has a direct impact on operational services. Even if, for example, a DDOS attack is not targeted at the operator network, it still generates huge amounts of traffic across the operator network and can significantly affect quality of service for subscribers. Spotting these attacks early and preventing them can improve overall operational efficiency

Intrusion Detection

The last thing your users want is bad actors gaining access to networks and devices with the havoc that can reap. Our IDS alerts subscribers to unknown device access to the network, quarantining access until approval has been confirmed. Employing zero trust to stop intruders

Zombie Devices

Not all devices have anti virus solutions and network defences are only as good as the weakest link. Zombie IoT devices are a great example, out of date systems and hardware, out of support and a massive security vulnerability. Quantum brings these devices back into managament and monitoring, making the entire network safer.

Enterprise grade cyber defence for your customers.