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[Press Release] BlackDice Expands Its Game-Changing Cybersecurity Solutions to North America

Expanding our footprint to North America and APAC is a significant step in BlackDice’s growth strategy, supporting its move towards becoming one of the leading AI-powered cybersecurity players in North America, as well as globally. Newly established partnerships with hardware providers solidifies our ability to provide real-time 24/7 protection and lightning-fast threat neutralization

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[Press Release] BlackDice and Landatel Partner to Bring AI-Powered Cybersecurity Solutions to Small Businesses

The partnership with Landatel Communications is a tremendous endorsement of BlackDice’s cybersecurity solutions. It marks a pivotal milestone in our strategic roadmap positioning us for further growth, as we continue to secure partnerships with key industry players to deliver solutions that address the pressing cybersecurity challenges confronting small businesses

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BlackDice adds to Product team

We’re thrilled to announce a dynamic addition to our team at BlackDice – Dammy Onakade -bringing unique skills and fresh perspectives to propel our mission forward.

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Redefining Cybersecurity: The Age of Self-Learning Networks

The digital age, with all its innovations, has also ushered in a barrage of cybersecurity threats. But what if we told you that the answer to this complex issue might lie in teaching our networks to learn, adapt, and heal themselves? Let’s introduce you to the world of Self-Learning Networks and how BlackDice is reshaping the cybersecurity landscape with it. 

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Quantum Computing and the AI/ML Revolution: A Bold New Era

In this eye-opening interview, our CEO Paul Hague and CTO Mark O’Neill delve deep into the profound implications of quantum computing on the AI/ML landscape. From turbocharged algorithms to the birth of quantum neural networks, we’re “on the brink of a transformative era”, say the duo. 

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Meet Umair, Mobile App Developer

We’re delighted to introduce Umair Manzoor as our new Mobile App Engineer

Umair specialises in Native Android and iOS platforms. With years of hands-on experience, Umair has successfully collaborated with companies from the UK and remotely in the US. A proud alumnus of COMSATS Institute of Information and Technology, he secured a Bachelor’s in Software Engineering.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

At BlackDice, we believe in creating genuine connections with our customers and team, so what better way to do that than by introducing you to the brilliant minds behind our operations?

We’ve recently given our About page a refresh to give you an insight into our Vision, Mission and Values, and introduce you to the exceptional individuals who are leading BlackDice’s growth as a rapidly scaling cybersecurity business.

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BlackDice COO, Sarah Hague, nominated for “Most Influential Woman in UK tech 2023”

Our COO Sarah Hague has made the long list for “The Most Influential Women In UK Tech 2023”!

Each year, Computer Weekly asks for nominations for its list of the most influential women in UK tech, in an endeavour to showcase the technology sector’s brilliant and hard-working women.

Sarah is one of 100 women who have made the ‘long list’ of nominees!

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