Meet Our Leadership Team

At BlackDice, we believe in creating genuine connections with our customers and team, so what better way to do that than by introducing you to the brilliant minds behind our operations?

We’ve recently given our About page a refresh to give you an insight into our Vision, Mission and Values, and introduce you to the exceptional individuals who are leading BlackDice’s growth as a rapidly scaling cybersecurity business.

Our Executive Team comprises a diverse group of talented professionals who bring unique expertise and perspectives to the table. Each member plays a crucial role in shaping the vision, strategies, and overall direction of BlackDice.

We hope that by learning more about our Executive Team, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the people behind the scenes who drive our company’s success. As always, we remain dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality cybersecurity solutions, and we’re committed to fostering a strong and meaningful connection with everyone we work with

Paul Hague, CEO, BlackDice

So, come and get to know them. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of our values and the driving force behind our continued growth:

Paul Hague, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Paul’s experience in the technology sector spans some 35 years. With senior-level roles held at IBM and Cap Gemini combined with more than 20 years’ start-up experience, Paul has developed the skills necessary for building a business from the ground up – from strategic product insights, to finance, marketing and business development. His exceptional vision and strategic thinking have propelled BlackDice to new heights.

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Sarah Hague, Chief Operating Officer

Sarah is an experienced leader with over 20 years of experience across a number of verticals, including education and digital transformation, where she combined process, people, data and technology to build new organisational capabilities. Prior to joining BlackDice as COO, Sarah was a Senior Technology Transformation Leader at PwC. Her strong leadership skills and ability to inspire others are creating a dynamic work culture that fosters inclusivity, innovation and collaboration.

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Mark O’Neill, Chief Technology Officer

Mark has over 30 years’ experience in the IT and information security industry, with a proven track record of success in leading and delivering complex technical projects for companies such as Hewlett Packard. With a strong background in directory services, identity management and provisioning technologies, he has a deep understanding of the latest trends, and is able to translate technical concepts into tangible business strategies.

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As a visionary in the cyber space, Paul joined our senior team in August 2023 and will play an instrumental role in driving BlackDice’s information security strategy. Paul’s ability to anticipate market trends and identify opportunities will help us stay ahead of the curve and maintain our competitive edge.

Paul Jenkins, CISO, BlackDice
Paul Jenkins, Chief Information Security Officer

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Importance of Social Mobility and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

One of the most important things to us, as we continue to evolve, grow and scale our company, is diversity, equity and inclusion and supporting social mobility for everyone. We want to be ‘diverse by default’, and understand that diversity spans many things – whether cultural, social, economic and more.

That’s why we’re so proud of our Yorkshire origins!

Not only have we chosen Leeds as our UK HQ but our leadership team hail from some truly great communities…

Our CEO Paul, COO Sarah and CTO Mark come from Rotherham – a city once famous for its coal and steel industry, whilst our CISO Paul Jenkins hails from Hull, the ‘port’ city.

Yet, when looking at the Social Mobility Index 2018*, Yorkshire and Humber are amongst some of the least ‘socially mobile’ areas in the UK:

  • Rotherham and Hull ranked 341st and 295th* out of 533 local authorities in England.
  • Only 4% of local residents in Rotherham reach senior management roles or equivalent.
  • In Hull, just 3.5% of residents make it to leadership positions.

Despite these challenges, Rotherham and Hull’s spirit is resilient – a characteristic we see in our team.

We’re proud to be defying these odds, proud of our working class roots, and proud to be exhibiting the resilience and strength that Yorkshire is renowned for, says our COO Sarah. For Sarah, our commitment to social mobility doesn’t just start at the top. It’s woven into the fabric of who we are:

I passionately believe in the transformative power of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Social mobility is a key part of this puzzle – it breaks down barriers, creates more inclusive environments, and allows talent to shine. We aim to redefine the world of tech and cyber – making it more inclusive, more equitable, and more representative of the world we live in

Sarah Hague, COO

We echo the Social Mobility Commission’s mantra that ‘circumstances of birth should not determine the outcomes of your life’. We want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to achieve what they want in life wherever their lives started, and firmly believe that talent, innovation, and resilience can come from anywhere, regardless of socio-economic status.

For example, we don’t make university degrees a mandatory requirement. And, working together with our recruitment partner, Parzival, we’ve helped to develop their ‘ZeroBias’ search methodology, which we’re applying to how we hire here at BlackDice.

“With this approach we’re creating a large, diverse talent pool to make employment opportunities open to everyone,” adds Sarah.

These are just few glimpses into the extraordinary individuals who make up our team here at BlackDice. We’re currently recruiting across a number of roles and will be keeping our About page updated with our people’s inspiring stories, accomplishments, and capabilities in driving our business forward.

In future blogs, we look forward to introducing you to our brand, marketing, sales and product teams. Watch this space!


  1. Best and Worst Social Mobility Areas In UK – Gov.Uk

* 295 is the average combination of all areas in Kingston upon Hull

* 2023 data will be available in September 2023