BlackDice was founded in 2018 by Paul Hague and is alumni of the NCSC Cyber Accelerator Programme of 2019.

We provide telecoms operators with an enterprise grade cyber defence solution for their consumers and SME subscribers.

We use AI and machine learning to predict and prevent cyber-attacks on any device, on any network, at any time.

Enabling telecoms operators to provide their subscribers with a value add service that improves the customer experience and reduces churn and cost to serve.

Our Purpose

Building trust in a connected world

We believe that individuals, families and businesses deserve to have safe, secure and privacy-preserving interactions within the digital world.

Our Vision

We will create a trusted digital world in which everyone can work, play and be entertained with confidence.

Our Mission

We will be the leading product innovator, continuously pushing the boundaries of cyber solutions, that are easy to use, accessible and available to everyone through our Partners.

Our Values

Curious, Inclusive, Collaborative, Honest, Kind

By embodying these values, we aim to create a brand that not onlu delivers exceptional products and services, but also contrubutes positively to society and fosters a culture of continunous improvement and empathy.

As we grow we are committed to retaining our focus on building an inclusive working environment where everyone feels respected for their differences and valued for their contributions.

We are a member of the 2023 Google for Startups Growth Academy: Cybersecurity Program.

We want you to have a life enriched with interests and activities that bring you joy and purpose, which in our view is the point of hybrid working.

If you would like to speak to our recruitment partner Parzival Partners to find out more about us and the roles we have available, please contact us: