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BlackDice Cyber is on a relentless mission to change the face of cybersecurity.

Prestigious alumnus of the NCSC Cyber Accelerator Programme of 2019

We're at the forefront of harnessing AI and ML to transform the colossal $25 billion telecom operator market

Solutions that enhance customer experiences, reduce churn and operational costs for telecom operators

Our Value Proposition

BlackDice bridges the gap between innovation and accessibility. Leveraging our expertise in cyber defence, anomaly detection, and device management, we safeguard businesses and home users in the connected world in which they work, live and play.

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What Differentiates Us?

Our pioneering solutions run on the router, predicting and defending broadband networks, devices, and IoT against cyber threats. Integrating machine learning, expansive language models, and device-agnostic strategies, we offer unparalleled, enterprise-grade cybersecurity for both SMB and residential subscribers.
We’re more than cutting-edge solutions though. We’re about Building Trust in a Connected World¬†and are committed to ensuring safe, secure, and privacy-centric interactions for every individual, family, and business across any device, any network, anywhere.

Why Invest in BlackDice?

Unparalleled Market Opportunity

Within the vast $1.6 trillion global telecoms services market, our unique positioning sets the stage for significant returns on investment.

Innovation Meets Reliability

Our AI-driven solutions, capable of predicting and neutralising cyber threats in real-time, ensure our sustainability and relevance long-term.

Diversified Scaling Potential

Beyond telecoms, our adaptable solutions present expansive growth prospects in other markets, including military defence and related sectors.

Promising Future Prospects

We’re developing the world’s most extensive data lake on device behaviour and anomalies – with potential for future spin-offs, data-driven services, and IP rights – offering continuous growth avenues for investors.

Invest not only in a game-changing technology, but in a vision to secure a connected future across multiple global verticals which are ripe for disruption.