Blackdice Fortress

Patented Parental Control Solution

Helping parents, in an ever increasing connected world, to manage safer content and safer use of digital technologies, wherever they are connected
Fortress provides Operators with a turnkey solution to help parents with Device management, patented parental controls and services to manage content. Fortress maintains over 800 million categorised websites and apps, updated daily and machine learning algorithms adding to this database. Fortress offers operators a quick, easy and comprehensive toolset to launch content filtering services on any device, on any network, anywhere.

Why Fortress?

BlackDice helps parents simplify safe use of the internet

Our founders have first hand experience of the damage inappropriate content and interactions online can have on families, especially the youngest. Add to this the enormous increase in connected devices, from games consoles to watches, even toys, it becomes an ever more complicated landscape to manage. Installing solutions on every device, all different, and with some nothing available to install at all, whats required is a single solution to manage all of these. Simplifying the complex and making the internet a safer place for everyone

One Solution, One Interface

Fortress helps operators to create new services to help keep their customers safer online. With network and device management at the heart of Fortress, it enables subscribers to see who and what is connected to the network. You can only control what you can monitor and see, Fortress gives a 360 degree view of the devices and facilitates simple control of those devices both inside and outside the home, for individual devices or groups. Being able to apply policy at the group, individual or device level creates a flexibility, helping families make the most of their connected experience with unique content and controls creating a safer place for everyone.

Fortress Functionality.


Grouping devices together allows for greater flexibility of control. Rather than each device having policies just apply to the group and each device inherits the policy.

Time Rules

Control network access by time of day and day of the week. Flexible schedules that change, for example, on weekdays compared to weekends.

Pause and Extra Time

Pause the internet for mealtimes or give extra time to complete homework.


Sometimes there are sites, that as a parent, you are ok with and are educational so why not add those to the whitelist and allow your younger family members access to those ‘approved’ sites, even when other limits are reached.


To keep everyone safe it’s important to monitor and see activity. Fortress helps by providing insights into device behaviour as well and threat monitoring.

Blocking and Filtering

Fortress maintains over 750 million categorised websites and apps, as well as millions of IP addresses. Constantly adding to these and managing the real-time threat of malicious content.

Provide patented family protection.