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BlackDice Agent uses secure, realtime communication mechanisms throughout the value chain. It automatically encrypts DNS requests and uses purpose built, state of the art, resolvers to anonymously analyse, filter, and safeguard, traffic coming from networks to ensure devices are secure and protected. Ambient – normally, easy to snoop network traffic (like DNS requests) – protected so that malicious actors – and even advertising networks – can no longer collect valuable information about your online activity and browsing habits.


BlackDice Agent is built using cutting-edge technologies that enable it to operate on lower-powered and legacy hardware with virtually no impact on the performance of the home gateway or router. It can be deployed on units all the way down to single core, 700MHz processors. Similarly it can take advantage of newer, higher powered hardware to move data efficiently from the network edge to the cloud, with no impact to the end user.


BlackDice Agent uses open technologies and standards at its core. It was designed with extensibility and compatibility in mind, and can integrated into the heart of OpenWRT and Linux-based routers, gateways, and devices using a variety of processor architectures (MIPS, ARM, Intel etc). Its small, (often) single-binary deployment eases distribution across standard protocols such as TR-069 and platforms such as TR-369 (USP), or can be packaged for containerised deployment.

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Machine Learning that turns data into information and information into intelligence


Machine Learning that turns data into information and information into intelligence

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