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By Simon Stone | December 11th, 2020 | Cyber Security Watch

This year, the attack surface has grown and we’ve seen record numbers of cyber breaches as a result. November was no exception with an NHS error that exposed hundreds of patients’ data, North Korean and Russian Hackers targeting Covid-19 vaccine research centres and the revelation that UK telcos could be fined up to £100,000 for breaching the Huawei ban. 

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84% of shoppers willing to risk personal data in search of bargains

According to InfoSecurity, more than four in five consumers are willing to share their telephone number and email address to save money when shopping online. The new Kapersky report surveyed customers ahead of Black Friday and further discovered that only 25% of customers were aware that scams are more common over Christmas.


A Walmart-exclusive router allows hackers to take control of network devices

Researchers have found suspicious backdoors in a Chinese-made Jetstream router, sold exclusively as part of Walmart’s affordable router range. Lost-cost Wavlink routers have similar backdoors containing “a script that lists nearby wifi and can connect to those networks.” Wavlink has since combated claims by publishing an article on its website.


NHS error exposes hundreds of patients’ data

A human error at NHS Highland led to 284 patients with diabetes having their information shared via email with 31 individuals. Emails contained names, dates of births, contact information and hospital identification numbers. Experts claim this is enough information to compose a convincing phishing attack email. 


North Korea and Russia hackers are targeting Covid-19 vaccine 

Microsoft has claimed that state based hackers called “Zinc” and “Cerium” in North Korea and “Fancy Bear” in Russia have been targeting organisations working on Covid-19 vaccinations. The UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) previously said hackers were targeting vaccine research centres. However, Russia has refuted claims. The list of countries affected includes Canada, France, India, South Korea, and the United States. 


UK telcos could be fined £100,000 for breaching Huawei ban 

UK telcos could be fined £100,000 a day or 10% of their revenues if they violate the ban on Huawei equipment. The Telecommunications Security Bill aims to improve the UK’s security standards, whilst reducing the threat of operators using high-risk vendors. Huawei was banned from use in the UK’s free infrastructure in July.

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