Cyber Security Watch June

Sun Tzu, The Art of War, commented: “attack like the fire and be still as the mountain”, and it seems appropriate this month. Cyber attacks are all about stealth, picking your moment, and attacking as hard as you can at the target. Traditional AV feels like it’s struggling to keep up and with attacks becoming […]

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BlackDice CEO Featured in SC Magazine

CEO and Co-Founder of BlackDice, Paul Hague, has recently had his expertise published on SC Magazine, one of the world’s leading cyber security digital titles. Exploring the impact – and the dangers – of increasingly interconnected WiFi networks, Paul details some of the real world changes that individuals, both in your professional and personal life, […]

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The Rise and Rise of Virtual Offices

The virtual office has been on the rise for years and, for many, our time in lockdown has proven that it’s possible to work from anywhere. Even before lockdown, remote working was on the rise, with 63% of businesses employing remote workers and 45% of UK jobs being classed as “digitally-enabled”. There are many benefits […]

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Cyber Security Watch April 2020

Office employees aren’t the only ones working from home – hackers are online too. Compromised firewalls, Apple security flaws and stolen data are just a handful of the security breaches and vulnerabilities from last month. Read on to find out what else has been happening in the world of cybersecurity. Censorship disguised as technical redesign […]

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No Such Thing as Anonymised Data

CEO and Co-Founder, Paul Hague, shares his thoughts on why the term ‘anonymised data’ is a misnomer, and what the industry doesn’t want you to know about your personal data.  We hear about anonymised data all the time. We’re promised by companies that harvest our information, even those that we willingly share it with, that […]

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Cyber Security Watch March 2020

The new decade has brought more viruses than anyone could have predicted, but coronavirus Covid-19 is not the only one we need to watch out for.  Infected software and hacked hardware are making it difficult for businesses all around the world. Any system is only as strong as its weakest link, cyber is no different. […]

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How Hackers are Getting into Your Smart Home

Smart watches, smart locks, smart thermostats, and smart speakers – they all offer a wide variety of benefits, but they are the perfect back door for hackers to get into your smart home. After all, hackers can get into your smart fridge, and it has been estimated that there is an attempted hack every 39 […]

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