No Such Thing as Anonymised Data

CEO and Co-Founder, Paul Hague, shares his thoughts on why the term ‘anonymised data’ is a misnomer, and what the industry doesn’t want you to know about your personal data.  We hear about anonymised data all the time. We’re promised by companies that harvest our information, even those that we willingly share it with, that […]

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Cyber Security Watch December

This year, the attack surface has grown and we’ve seen record numbers of cyber breaches as a result. November was no exception with an NHS error that exposed hundreds of patients’ data, North Korean and Russian Hackers targeting Covid-19 vaccine research centres and the revelation that UK telcos could be fined up to £100,000 for […]

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Cyber Security Watch November 2020

This has been one of the biggest years for cyber security since its inception with a record number of breaches and incidents affecting many areas of our society.  October saw cyber-attack threats to the US healthcare system and the number of infected IoT devices rise exponentially.  Here are the biggest cyber security stories from October. […]

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BlackDice wins government funding for preventative cyber vaccine

BlackDice has been awarded £100,000 by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency with its Sustainable Innovation Fund.  The fund helps all UK sectors to rebuild after the effects of COVID-19.  The grant will fund 1,103 projects, 1,189 businesses with a total of over £130 million in support for the UK.  For the first time, cyber […]

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BlackDice Cyber releases new software update to help broadband operators keep customers safe and deliver higher performance.

BlackDice, who provide advanced cyber defence technology to service providers to help keep their customers safe, have now included BlackDice Shield and extended Device Behaviour in their latest software platform release. Released November 9, Version 2.2 of their software platform extends a richer set of management information that enables service providers to deliver higher levels […]

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Cyber Security Watch September 2020

With cyber crime on the rise, you’ll need to make sure you’re up to date with what’s happening in the digital world. From rising malware attacks during COVID-19 to a German hospital patient dying after a potential cyber attack, here are the biggest cyber security stories from September. Online fraud cases rise during COVID-19 The […]

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Phishing – How to Avoid Being Caught Hook, Link and Sinker

Anyone can be the victim of phishing. Whether it’s a password, a phone number or credit card details, cyber-criminals are experts in pretending to be a trustworthy source who can offer something you need.  It can be harder to spot than you may first realise. Phishing scams can be convincing through its use of visuals […]

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Cyber Security Watch August 2020

As the lockdown and remote working have become the norm, the attack surface remains high. August saw Amazon Alexa glitches, Zoom security flaws and the New Zealand national stock exchange halted by cyber attacks.  Discover August’s biggest cyber security stories with our monthly digest.    Amazon fixes Alexa glitch after personal data flaw revealed Researchers […]

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Data Privacy – Why You Should Care

Phishing attacks, malware campaigns and trojan horses. There has never been more of a need for cybersecurity to keep your data private. Sensitive information is being targeted by ransomware and malware, and is very much at risk of being leaked into the public domain.  According to Salesforce research, 46% of customers feel like they’ve lost […]

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Cyber Security Watch July 2020

  Another month, another wave of challenges in the cyber security world. July has seen ransomware attacks, undeletable malware and a wipeout of over 1,000 unsecured databases. Read on for your monthly cyber security digest.                   Android adware linked with unremovable malware Researchers have discovered files linked […]

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