BlackDice Machine Learning

21st century cyber threats require a 21st century response

Blackdice has developed machine learning algorithms and models capable of automating the identification and fingerprinting of devices. These models enable anomaly detection and predictive threat prevention across millions of devices. Our machine learning drives everything we do, processing huge data volumes to make accurate and timely predictions.

Key Capabilities

Data Learning

BlackDice processes hundred of data and threat feeds creating millions of data points. Our learning algorithms scour this data looking for signals and patterns that identify indicators of compromise. From the hundereds of millions of classified URL’s to anonymous device fingerprinting to real time anomaly detection, the data we ingest and process is a core capability of keeping subscribers safe online.

Proactive insight

BlackDice operates unsupervised learning models, constantly training those models to create proactive, predictive insight from the data. Being able to correlate data across large volumes of data sets provides unprecedented signalling. Our actionable insights look to predict and defend.

Threat Ingest

Blackdice building knowledge is about understanding historical data. Our data ingest services brings in hundreds of threat feeds and other data sources to feed that knowledge and create an understanding of both the external and internal network environments.

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Machine Learning that turns data into information and information into intelligence


Machine Learning that turns data into information and information into intelligence

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