BlackDice Cyber releases new software update to help broadband operators keep customers safe and deliver higher performance.

By Simon Stone | November 9th, 2020 | TECH

BlackDice, who provide advanced cyber defence technology to service providers to help keep their customers safe, have now included BlackDice Shield and extended Device Behaviour in their latest software platform release. Released November 9, Version 2.2 of their software platform extends a richer set of management information that enables service providers to deliver higher levels of security and performance. 

New Features:  

  • BlackDice Device Behaviour allows operators and users to see detailed metrics of devices on your local network, e.g. how fast they are connecting to your router, how much data they’re sending and receiving and how good – as an average – the signal from your device to the router is. BlackDice monitors this activity to normalise device behaviour and spot abnormal activity. This provides telecommunication operators and broadband providers new levels of management insight into the network with an increased ability to track problems quickly. This information is updated automatically, but it can also update manually if real-time results are required.


  • BlackDice Shield protects any device on the network. Using our IP reputation analytics, Shield will block access to all types of content that may harm devices or put the network at risk including: malware, invasive tracking and command-and-control servers.   


  • BlackDice Ad Block Controls uses our sophisticated content filtering mechanism to reduce – and potentially eliminate – the number of adverts delivered to devices on the network. With the increase in malware, adware and privacy concerns, it’s important that customers have the flexibility to decide how adverts are delivered.  Ad Blocking Controls works seamlessly with all existing content filtering features so it can be used safely for all devices on the network.  


  • iOS ESP Endpoint Client is the newest version of our iOS Endpoint Client. The delivery mechanism has been re-written from the ground up to supply a more streamlined experience with a much easier and faster mechanism to provide white-labelled services to our customers.  

Commenting on the update, CEO and co-founder of BlackDice, Paul Hague, said: “Our new BlackDice Ad Block Controls, BlackDice Shield and BlackDice Behaviour features now enable service providers to not only keep their customers safe – but to go further and use our unique insight information to help them improve end-user experiences. 

“Over the coming weeks, we will additionally be commissioning new and upgraded DNS services into our platform which will enable even faster speeds and sensitivity. This together with an advanced version of our operator dashboard offers unique insights into clients’ networks, devices, device fingerprints and routers to provide threat management capability.

“Our aim is to give both operators and their customers the level of predictive threat management that’s needed to build trust in an increasingly connected world.”

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