BlackDice CEO Featured in SC Magazine

By Claire Snook | May 19th, 2020 | Uncategorized

CEO and Co-Founder of BlackDice, Paul Hague, has recently had his expertise published on SC Magazine, one of the world’s leading cyber security digital titles.

Exploring the impact – and the dangers – of increasingly interconnected WiFi networks, Paul details some of the real world changes that individuals, both in your professional and personal life, can make to ensure WiFi connections are more secure.

There are billions of smart devices around the world, and these edge devices are backdoors for hackers to enter some of our most valuable systems. Banks, hospitals, offices, homes: in this modern world, almost all of them have WiFi networks and few have the security required to prevent hackers from gaining control and harvesting data.

As Paul himself said in the article:

“There are multiple ways to gain access to a WiFi network, and it all starts with the components of the router. If they have the potential to be compromised, then it doesn’t matter how many passwords or authentication systems you add to the software side of things. Just look at the recent remote hijacks on Broadcom chips or the remove code execution exploits on D-link routers – two cybersecurity problems that are still occurring in 2020.”

SC Magazine is the leading information resource for cyber-security professionals in the UK and Europe, providing news, features, opinion, advice and analysis on cyber-security strategies, data protection best practices, compliance and current information and operational security technologies.

You can read Paul’s insight on SC Magazine here by registering for a free account.

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