BlackDice Agent

Broker between the network edge and cloud services

Our Agent has been designed to work on low powered existing routers and gateways as well as state of the art newer hardware. Our agent’s overhead is small and is capable of running on single core mhz CPU’s in residential and business broadband gateways. The agent passes core data from the edge into our machine learning platform and provides actionable intelligence back to block threats and address vulnerabilities. Blackdice can make the agent available on SIM and Esim so talk us about how our agents can help build a more resilient ecosystem in residential, business and 5G/esim/smart environments.

Key Capabilities

Privacy Enabling

BLACKDICE AI Agent uses secure communications throughout the value chain, including DNS over https, ensuring that all data flows within the blackdice core remain private

Minimal Overhead

Our Agent technology has been designed and built to operate on legacy, low powered hardware whilst taking advantage of newer higher powered components. From 700 MHz single core processors to the latest quad core, moving data efficiently from the network edge to the cloud, with no impact to the user

Integrated and Open

Built on open source technolcogies our agents are integrated into the heart of the operating system for both Linux (various flavours) and OpenWRT, easily deployed and easily distributed. This integration speeds up customer projects into existing router hardware and reduces any engineering issues

More Details


Machine Learning that turns data into information and information into intelligence


Machine Learning that turns data into information and information into intelligence

The router is not just a cost it’s an enabler.