From attracting tourism from the UK to “stealing” its startups

“Malaga has long been one of the favorite holiday destinations for British tourists. Now the city has also become a technology hub that attracts its entrepreneurs. It is the startup state BlackDice which was founded by the entrepreneur Paul Hague, who moved from Leeds to Malaga in August, drawn in by its thriving digital ecosystem. “We […]

WiFi has it’s challenges SC Media

CEO and Co-Founder of BlackDice, Paul Hague, has recently had his expertise published on SC Magazine, one of the world’s leading cyber security digital titles. Exploring the impact – and the dangers – of increasingly interconnected WiFi networks, Paul details some of the real world changes that individuals, both in your professional and personal life, […]

BlackDice pioneering Cyber AI – Yorkshire Post

BlackDice is developing machine-learning and predictive analytics designed to forecast and protect against cyber-attacks, and its technology is so promising that it has just been awarded a £100,000 grant from Innovate UK’s Sustainable Innovation Fund. “The funding allows us to move forwards on our artificial intelligence platform for detecting signals and patterns that then alert […]

15 European startups selected to join the Google for Startups Growth Academy: Cybersecurity

“All across the continent, cyber threats have grown more costly and aggressive, a trend further exacerbated by the first European war in decades. Russian-backed cyber attacks against people in NATO member states quadrupled in 2022, according to a report (“Fog of War”) we released at the Munich Security Conference last month. Europe’s leaders are aiming to meet […]

World-first ideas unveiled at MWC 2023 by UK telecoms innovators

MWC 2023

BlackDice, a UK innovator developing AI-led cybersecurity solutions, is founded on the principle of collaboration and diverse ideas. With big data predicted to be worth £412 billion by 2028, BlackDice COO Sarah Hague said the firm is committed to diversity that drives progress: “As a cyber start-up operating in the telecoms sector, our ambition is […]

Phishing – How to Avoid Being Caught Hook, Link and Sinker

Anyone can be the victim of phishing. Whether it’s a password, a phone number or credit card details, cyber-criminals are experts in pretending to be a trustworthy source who can offer something you need.  It can be harder to spot than you may first realise. Phishing scams can be convincing through its use of visuals […]

How Hackers are Getting into Your Smart Home

Smart watches, smart locks, smart thermostats, and smart speakers – they all offer a wide variety of benefits, but they are the perfect back door for hackers to get into your smart home. After all, hackers can get into your smart fridge, and it has been estimated that there is an attempted hack every 39 […]

No Such Thing as Anonymised Data

CEO and Co-Founder, Paul Hague, shares his thoughts on why the term ‘anonymised data’ is a misnomer, and what the industry doesn’t want you to know about your personal data.  We hear about anonymised data all the time. We’re promised by companies that harvest our information, even those that we willingly share it with, that […]