BlackDice Advanced Cyber Platform

One integration, multiple benefits

A single integration brings our operators AI based cloud cyber defences. Analysing thousands of data points across millions of devices to identify signals and provide actionable intelligence.

The Platform

Our AI powered cyber security solution helps telecoms operators create new services, reducing churn and increasing revenue.

Device Fingerprinting

Spotting anomalies starts with understanding the device. Our fingerprinting technology protects privacy whilst monitoring behaviour.

Threat Intelligence

Identifying threats is only part of the solution. Our solution matches threats to vulnerabilities and automatically takes remedial action against compromised apps, devices and websites.

Ai Security

Artificial intelligence cybersecurity isn’t the future – it’s NOW! Discover how machine learning keeps you and your network safe.

Device Management

Protect your devices from external threats, set rules, filter content, and much more to create a safer environment on wifi networks and mobile data, any network, anywhere.

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