Enterprise grade cyber defence for telecoms operator subscribers
- powered by AI

Cyber security driven by artificial intelligence. Any device, any network, anywhere.

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of subscribers trust their operator for cyber defence.

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potentially vulnerable devices will be in use by 2030 worldwide.

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new pieces of malicious infected code detected daily.

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Leading edge threat protection and device controls making the internet a safer place for Broadband Subscribers.

Introduce cyber defence services to your customer proposition. Over 70% of customers trust their operator to provide cyber security, build on that trust, keep your customers loyal, reduce churn and increase ARPU. BlackDice provides the most comprehensive solution for broadband operators. Broad device coverage including IoT and customer intelligence through comprehensive data insights, keeping your customers safe 365 days a year.


Enterprise grade threat prevention, device vulnerability assesment, endpoint protection, smarthome protection and IoT security. Build trust with your customers, reduce churn and increase ARPU


Fortress provides Operators with a turnkey solution to help parents with device management, patented parental controls and services to manage content


Mobile devices are an intrinsic part of life. Angel recognises this and brings cyber defence wherever you are. Enterprise grade threat prevention in the palm of your hand

Transforming data into intelligence

Traditionally operator reach ended at the broadband termination point, making customer service more difficult and cyber defence impossible. With BlackDice that reach is extended into the network edge, providing unprecedented insight and enabling leading edge value add services.

The power of this intelligence has the potential to reduce churn through more effective and timely service for the customer, and increase ARPU with cyber defence that builds trust, extends the customer lifecycle and creates new revenue generating opportunities.


The data we turn into intelligence is available for access through our API enabling integration into operator systems. By adding device intelligence, behaviour analytics and threat data to existing data lakes, information and customer service could be transformed.


See through the eyes of the network and the customer. Realtime device level activity and realtime device level vulnerability and threats, unprecedented information leading to better customer service, protected customers 24*7 and happier customers. Enterprise Grade Cyber Defence for your subscribers

BlackDice Pedigree

From being part of the GCHQ accelerator alumni to helping telecoms operators launch their business, the founders and team members of Blackdice have been there and done it. We understand the profound effect AI can have on Cyber Defence and the implications for operators.

Our technology has been specifically designed for telecoms operators with both legacy issues and future proofing in mind. Scaleable to millions of routers, gateways and devices, BlackDice technology can help you build trust and protect your customers.

We contribute to both Government papers for Cyber Defence and contribute significantly to the Cyber eco-system, helping not just operators but also hardware manufacturers to implement our suite of cyber defence products.